Comparison of disposable evapes and traditional rechargeable evapes: A guide

When you first enter the world of e-cigarettes, you may find yourself overwhelmed by a variety of e-cigarette options. Using e-cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or e-cigarettes) is the best way to keep things simple. However, when buying an e-vape device, as a beginner, you still need more information to make the right decision, such as whether to buy a rechargeable device or a disposable device. If you try to decide between these two types of devices before buying e-cigarettes/e-cigarettes online, the following information in this article may help you make up your mind.

Disposable Evapes VS Traditional Rechargeable Evapes

Disposable electronic vapes/cigarette:

What an excellent way to start out in the world of vaping! Disposable e-cigarette or e-vape is a kind of e-cigarette, pre-installed with e-juice and fully charged, the user throws it away after use. All across the globe, there are over 9 million active users of disposable vape pens which precisely means lots of wanted preference from our users. This type of device is perfect for brand new e-cigarette users who want to try without making major commitments or participating in complex vape mods. Even if you are an experienced e-cigarette user and have your own rechargeable device, disposable e-cigarette devices, as a convenient and easy-to-use option, are also the best choice for you to use on the go. Disposable e-cigarettes and e-vapes are very suitable for people who are trying to quit smoking and want to have the real experience as close to as possible. Disposable electronic vapes/cigarettes are not only small in size, but also easy to carry.In addition, you can also enjoy the opportunity to try various e-juices. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of disposable e-cigarettes:

Advantages of disposable electronic vapes and electronic cigarettes:

Disposable electronic vapes/cigarettes are easy to use and it’s very convenient to the users. They are cost-effective and provide a low-input way to start smoking e-cigarettes. They offer a variety of flavor options and delicious and satisfying experiences to users. They never need to be cleaned, filled, recharged or otherwise maintained. Disposable e-vapes/cigarettes such as those sold at PUFFSPOD provide gun pod up to 600, 1500 and 2,000 puffs which are the best choices for users who like to switch among new things, match with different occasions, and prefer products that are easy to operate and more hygienic.

Rechargeable electronic vapes and electronic cigarettes:

As the name suggests, rechargeable e-vapes/cigarettes differ from disposable devices in one key aspect: you can charge the battery and continue to use the same device over time. Rechargeable devices also offer multi-flavor options, and you can usually refill the device with different e-juice liquids. The common rechargeable electronic vapes/cigarettes on the market do not need to switch between the battery and the atomizer. Users only needs to recharge the low-power battery with the provided charging device before reuse it. The advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable devices include:

Advantages of rechargeable electronic vapes and electronic cigarettes:

It is considered that rechargeable electronic vapes/cigarette generally offers more cost-effective than disposables and much more cost-effective than traditional cigarettes. By switching to the traditional rechargeable vape pen you can reduce harmful impact on the environment. Swapping hundred of disposable evapes with the single long-lasting rechargeable evapes can reduce the burden on the environment.

Disadvantages of rechargeble e-vapes and e-cigarettes:

Requirement of charging: It is fact that reusable pens require to charge again and again. The bad situation is that users often have the experience that they cannot be used smoothly outside due to forgetting to charge. Some rechargeable e-cigarettes/vapes’ batteries are poor quality, which will also affect your charging and use. Some people will choose disposables over rechargeables for a few specific reasons, including the fact that rechargeable e-cigs come with more parts to keep track of and require a higher initial investment.

If you are still not sure which type of e-vape/cigarette is right for you and you have just started using a new electronic vape/cigarette, please rest assured that both devices are useful and fun, and are an excellent alternative to smoking. In order to check whether e-vapes/cigarettes are suitable for your lifestyle and preferences with the lowest initial cost and the easiest way, we recommend starting with disposable e-vapes/cigarettes sold at PUFFSPOD, such as Idol600puffs disposable e-vapes/cigarettes or Idol 2000puffs disposable e-vapes/cigarettes.

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