How much is a lot for your Vape?

Vaping Different Flavors

Best strength for you

: device type and smoking habits. Besides helping you in navigating throughout the market, we have categorized suggestions in terms of vapor output.

If you are a social butterfly and choose to smoke socially a few cigarettes in a day then you probably fall in the low range category. If your smoking addiction forces you to smoke 10-20 cigarettes then you are probably in the middle level. And if you smoke a complete packet of cigarettes then you are in the higher area. `

Low production of vapor

Discreet smoke clouds are quite similar to what is produced by the cigarette. For this group, most pod systems present in the market seems appropriate, besides MTL tanks with higher airflow is mainly recommended. High strength Nic salts are the common choice of this category.

Medium vapor production

Clouds form but not that of massive variety. The device of any range group can fall into this category. The pod system includes airier MTL tanks, sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm coils that offer a restricted draw.

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