How much nicotine is a lot for your Vape?

Manufacturers are always thinking about the question that users are most concerned about: how much nicotine vape is the most suitable for users’ expectations and at the same time? Alkaloid compounds are present in the nightshade family including potatoes, tomatoes and pepper. It is referred to as Nicotine. But tobacco plants have an abundant amount of nicotine to refine and extract. There is an option of synthesizing nicotine in the laboratory too but the whole complex process makes it way expensive.

Ironically nicotine both works as a relaxant and stimulant, with consumers reporting different impacts such as alertness, calmness and mood elevation. It is referred to as psychologically and physically addictive. That’s why most of the vapers who use to smoke earlier use e-juice that comprise some percentage of nicotine. Even though commercial e-liquids are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths including the non-nicotine one, but most vapers like to buy vape juice flavours In Australia that comprise nicotine.

Vape juices are sold in varying nicotine levels, therefore picking the right type of nicotine strength is very important especially for a new vaper. If the nicotine level is too high then you might end up coughing too much and you will wonder if vaping even work for you. The worst-case scenario will be that you spend too much cash on the shopping of premium juice bottles to find out nicotine strength that can satisfy your nicotine craving.

E-liquids that are present in the market come with different nicotine strengths and go up to 50mg/ml. Besides nicotine strength is best expressed in the percentage rather than concentration. All this information seems to be confusing at first but in this guide, we will help you in choosing the right amount of nicotine strength and how you will deal in the market.

Vaping Different Flavors

Best nicotine strength for you

If you are a new vaper then you must be considering two factors when choosing an appropriate nicotine strength: device type and smoking habits. Besides helping you in navigating throughout the market, we have categorized suggestions in terms of vapor output. It is an ultimate factor that dictates the amount of nicotine you will consume in every puff.

If you are a social butterfly and choose to smoke socially a few cigarettes in a day then you probably fall in the low range category. If your smoking addiction forces you to smoke 10-20 cigarettes then you are probably in the middle level. And if you smoke a complete packet of cigarettes then you are in the higher area. `

Low production of vapor

Discreet smoke clouds are quite similar to what is produced by the cigarette. For this group, most pod systems present in the market seems appropriate, besides MTL tanks with higher airflow is mainly recommended. High strength Nic salts are the common choice of this category.

Medium vapor production

Clouds form but not that of massive variety. The device of any range group can fall into this category. The pod system includes airier MTL tanks, sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm coils that offer a restricted draw.

High vapor production

Huge clouds, the pod system include powerful rebuildable atomizers and sub-ohm tanks for the larger airflow.  It is hard to find NIC salt for this category as the devices used for vaping put so much vapor so that it will become easy to get a huge amount of nicotine quickly.

When you are thinking to quit smoking, It is recommended to try low vapor devices.  MTL tanks or pod systems emulate the amount of nicotine draw by the cigarette and help smokers in smooth transitioning to vaping.

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