Review of the best selling flavours of Gunnpod Lite – Strawberry Kiwi, Cola Ice, Peach Ice & Passion Fruit Mango

Disposable vapes have become more popular than ever in the last few years, and it is not really a surprise to the folks who have been enthusiastically following the vaping community for the last couple of years. In fact, it is actually a surprise that it has taken so long for vaping to get such a strong position in the community, and while there is still some stigma attached to the concept, it has considerably lessened than what it used to be even a couple of years ago. And one brand that has done its best in such a difficult scenario is Gunnpod. Gunnpod is not a name that needs any introduction in the vaping community. Gunnpod has over the years provided its customers with some of the finest vaping solutions, and that too at affordable pocket-friendly prices. This is one of the reasons why they have become so popular in the community.

Gunnpod 2000 Puffs Flavours

Affordable Pricing

But affordable pricing is not the only reason behind the success of Gunnpod over the years. Gunnpod has invested heavily over the years in its research and development wing, creating solutions that would suit the needs of the vaping community. And the result of which is clear for one to see in the form of some of the best selling flavours of Gunnpod Lite. 

Flavours that Slake Your Taste Buds

Gunnpod has successfully understood the demand of the ever-growing vaping loving community and has launched some of the best flavours of the Gunnpod Lite. Strawberry Kiwi, Cola Ice, Peach Ice and Passion Fruit Mango are just some of its best selling products that one can get their hands on. Take the case of the Passion Fruit Mango. It is a combination of two fruits that have a unique and quite distinct flavour. No one in their right mind would consider mixing the two and not at all thinking about offering them as a vaping flavour to their customers. Simple passion fruit or mango flavour would have done sufficiently well. But it is also something that has been tried in the market and has become quite an outdated idea. The customers demand something refreshing, and that leads to the creation of the Passion Fruit Mango combination. Both flavours blend surprisingly well and make for an excellent vaping solution. And if that is not enough, the product also guarantees over 2000 puffs in its usage. What more could one ask for?

Vaping Flavours behind the Success of Gunnpod Brand

When vaping, one could clearly identify the presence of both passion fruit’s and mango’s essence as Gunnpod has not tried to invent a new formula but tried to combine the two best selling vaping flavours better. This is the case with other popular offerings by the Gunnpod as well. Strawberry Kiwi, Cola Ice and Peach Ice also follow the same formula, which is without a doubt reason behind the success of their flavours and ultimately the success of the Gunnpod brand.

The package that comes with the Gunnpod Lite offering is excellent as well. It is a wholly charged device that allows one to immediately make use of it without needing to charge it first. The battery on the device is optimal as well; with a 1250 mAH battery, the vape could easily last for a while. And we have already discussed the guaranteed 2000 puffs. The combination of all that makes Gunnpod Lite is one of the best vaping solutions that any vaping lover can go for.

If you enjoy vaping, you might look for different flavours to enhance your experience. Nowadays, many options are available when you want to enjoy the flavours of different fruits. Whether Kiwi and Cola ice is your choice or you want to try peach ice and passion fruit mango, you have different options to try. So, try Gunnpod Lite’s vaping flavours and enhance your mood.

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