Discover a few interesting facts about Gunnpod vape

The ways of smoking are revolutionizing. People are choosing new and interesting ways to enjoy their habits. E-smoking is a newly popular concept. E-cigarettes have become the new sensation of the town for all smokers. The various flavors and high capacity of Gunnpod vape make them the first choice of everyone. People love the scope of experimentation. It also allows control over consumption more efficiently. The rechargeable battery makes it easy to use and user-friendly.

Gunnpod vape offers various advantages over regular smoking. In addition, there are various other interesting facts about Gunnpod vaping that we should know. This blog contains the basic understanding of Gunnpod vapes and a few interesting facts about them.

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What is Gunnpod vape?

Gunnpod vape is an electronic device which is a great way of enjoying smoking. It features an e-liquid composed of nicotine. The vape contains an atomizer that produces vapors of the e-liquid. The structure also has an outlet or mouthpiece. The user inhales the vapors from this mouthpiece. Vaping offers an easy leeway of transmitting from regular smoking to e-smoking. The gunnpod vape gives vital flavor essence. The different downtone of flavors offer a great niche of enjoyment.

Various interesting facts about Gunnpod vape

Gunnpod vape is an excellent way of enjoying your smoking time. Let’s learn a few interesting facts about it.

  • Good battery performance

The Gunnpod vape features a 1250 mAH battery. This size ensures a long run with excellent efficiency. The battery resistance is around 1.6 Ohms which reduces the wastage of power. The excellent battery performance gives a longer lifespan of the vape. It offers total value on your money. The robust battery performance also increases vapor production.

  • Smooth e-liquid

The Gunnpod e-liquid contains a 5% strength composition. Its e-liquid formula has 8ml of nicotine salt juice. The nicotine formula keeps the e-liquid smooth and easy on your throat. This helps inhale the flavors with more ease and savor them for a longer time. However, the composition of e-liquid is not nicotine freebase as it gets harsh on the throat. You also don’t get used to the nicotine e-liquid.

  • Smoke-free

Do you hate the smoke of regular e-cigarettes? If yes, then Gunnpod vape is perfect for you. The smoke-free working process of the vape makes it easy to use. You can also use it inside your home or in public places as it produces less smoke than regular cigarettes. The smoke-free experience also helps in enjoying the flavor more.

  • Short circuit protection

Our gunnpod vape comes with short circuit protection. Of course, your safety is the top priority. That’s why all Gunnpod vapes feature short circuit protection attached to the battery.

  • Healthier alternative

The primary damage is done by the smoke a person inhales during smoking. The smoke-free working of the Gunnpod vape makes it a healthier option than regular smoking. It reduces the damage done to the inner lining of the lungs due to smoke.

  • Variety of flavors

You can explore a variety of flavors with Gunnpod vape. The vast collection of Gunnpod vapes encompasses strawberry kiwi, blueberry raspberry, honey plush, blueberry ice, mango ice, cola ice, etc. The broad spectrum of flavors promises something suitable for everyone.

  • Budget-friendly

The Gunnpod vapes are budget-friendly. They come with the most optimized cost pricing for the users. As a result, the Gunnpod vape doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket with its competitive prices. So you can also try different flavors in limited available resources.

  • Longer lifespan

The Gunnpod vape also has a long lifespan. Gunnpod vape comes with a capacity of 2000 puffs which gets a long way after one purchase. It can last for several months with optimized regular uses.

  • Enhanced smoking experience

Users get an enhanced smoking experience with the Gunnpod vape. The vast collection of enriched flavors with good intensity ensures a great smoking time for the user.


The Gunnpod vape is a perfect fit for your smoking habit. It helps in transmitting to smoke-free and much healthier alternatives. The smooth e-liquid proffers a calming experience. The increased lifespan due to the long battery and variety of flavors gives excellent value for money. It is a budget-friendly yet chic and fantastic way of enjoying your smoke time.

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