Top 5 best IGET flavors at Puffspod: strawberry watermelon ice, strawberry kiwi ice, strawberry lemon ice, pineapple juice ice & blackberry raspberry lemon

If we talk about the top 5 best IGET flavors at, they can considerably be strawberry watermelon ice, strawberry kiwi ice, strawberry lemon ice, pineapple juice ice & blackberry raspberry lemon.

Anyone who has done vaping or is an avid vaper must try these above flavors as they are definitely some of the best flavors available. Vaping all around has become quite an act of obsession and continuously more and more people are switching to vaping from other means. One can get their hand on iget legend, iget mega, iget max at

Top 5 Best Iget flavors at puffspod

Strawberry watermelon ice- One of the most exciting thrilling flavor in the list, strawberry watermelon can add a great essence to your buds as it is the perfect blend of strawberry and watermelon with an icy effect alongside.

Strawberry kiwi ice– Second one the strawberry kiwi ice can be a great option for people liking the blend of strawberry and kiwi. One can explore the refreshing taste of menthol, strawberry and kiwi with the flavor.

Strawberry lemon ice– Strawberry lemon ice taste moreover like freshly squeezed lemonade fused with ripe strawberry. It’s a kind of sweet and sour flavor explosion.

Pineapple juice ice- Talking about pineapple ice juice, one can assume taking a juicy sweet pineapple and blending the same with a refreshing splash of uplifting menthol for a tropical essence.

Blackberry raspberry lemon- Last in our list is blackberry raspberry lemon that captures the sweet and juicy flavor of the ripe blackberry raspberry with no any essence of bitterness but an icy menthol finish.

Why vaping is much better than smoking

As we all know that smoking is invariably dangerous for a person’s health in the long term. The production of compounds like tar and carbon monoxide prove to be extremely fatal and may pose serious effects on the body. Vaping on the other hand is free from such harmful chemicals and there is no any after effects as well. It’s not that vaping is completely safe but if we compare it smoking it’s definitely stand’s much better.

Why to buy from Puffspod

As we are talking about the different and exciting flavors at, one should know why to buy from It’s really important for everyone to make sure that their vendor is trusted and authentic as it is one of the most crucial aspects in order to get great quality vapes. can surely be trusted for the same and one can get fully assured for their great quality and authentic products. In addition to great quality products, they also are one of the most suited vendors for affordable price vapes. For the last many years, they have been serving for the high demand of great quality vapes and have significantly established a strong client base.   

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