Why is my IGET vape leaking and how to fix the issue?

Sometimes people do encounter the problem of their vape leaking and get in a dilemma in how to fix the same. Firstly it’s important to understand that any vaper can suffer from a leaking tank issue at some point. Though it might be a small problem but makes a person irritated and frustrated. Some sort of leaking though can be managed but if your vape is leaking continuously then one should fix it as soon as possible.

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Tighten your vape tank

First thing first, to solve the bigger issue sometimes one has to check the small aspects of it. One of the problems in case of your tank leaking can be of your vape not connected properly and liquid is spilling out of the joins in the tank. Make sure parts of the tank are screwed properly to avoid any kind of leakage.

Fill tank properly

One of the most common mistakes of people is to over fill their tank which eventually leads to spilling of e-liquid and creating a problem for you. Always make sure that there should be a bubble of air at the top as it helps in creating a vacuum in the tank and helps in the prevention of the e-liquid leaking out from the tank.

One should check the coil and vape juice combo

The vape coil in general has a coil inside it and it generally offers various resistance options to choose from. The different kinds of vape not even perform differently but each is suited to a different kind of vape juice.

Keep a check of vape mod power Settings

If the vape comes with an ability to modify the settings, one has to make sure that the power is in the optimum range for the coil one has installed. In any case if the power is too low and isn’t enough to produce vapor then one has to draw too hard on the vape which will eventually lead to e-liquid leaking from the vape.

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