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Looking for cheap IGET Disposable Vapes? Then visit where you will get the best IGET disposable vapes flavored at reasonable prices.

Cheapest I GET Disposable Vapes Online Store In Australia- Puffapod


IGET LEGEND Disposable Vape is the best option if you’re seeking high-quality disposable vaporizers with a stylish appearance. It has between 5 and 10 milligrams of e-juice and 5% nic salt. The IGET Legend disposable gadget, which has 4000+ puffs, is the most sophisticated one ever. It features 20 unique flavors for a delightful vaping experience.

You also receive an I GET disposable vape that can steam for several hours without giving you a sore throat. It comes in a variety of fresh fruit flavors. Additionally, it appears to be incredibly compact and light, making it simple to carry. IGET Disposable Vapes cost only $30.


The disposable IGET BAR offers 3500+ puffs with the purest, most fruity flavor.

For ten pieces, you will receive 10 flavors chosen at random.

You get 1 disposable IGET bar 3500 puffs of vape in an airtight box and sealed package. It has 1500mAh with 12mL E-Liquid that is ready to use right out of the box. It has a very perfect design that helps to grip for any size hand, easily draws fire ignition and comes with a wide range of flavors.

IGET King – Disposable Vape

IGET King – Disposable Vape, 2600 Puffs

The IGET King is a 2600 puff disposable vape with a square, elegant design. It has a matte bottom and a transparent shell. The transparent atomizer tank makes it evident how long your IGET King will last. It includes a 1400mAh battery, 8.5mL of E-liquid, and 20 different flavor options.

The IGET King is a ground-breaking 2600 puff disposable pod system created to be the biggest disposable vape ever built. The IGET King will be available whenever you need it, and it has the best flavor and the biggest capacity. These are the 25 flavors:

Blackberry Raspberry Ice Blueberry Blackberry Cool Peach Cola Ice Double Apple with Raspberry Iced Grape, Iced Blueberry, Lush Fruit, Passion Fruit Mango, Passion Fruit Ice, and Iced Bomb Mint. IGET blackberry raspberry ice costs only $25.99.


The most distinctive and opulent flavor is IGET GOAT, which offers both Menthol and Blackberry flavors. This flavor is exceptional and ideal for fruity concoctions. With blackberry and raspberry flavors, it provides a pleasant vaping experience.

Based on the IGET King’s design, the New IGET Goat Vape is an enhanced version that produces more flavor and thicker clouds. Now available in a new flavor variation with 5000 puffs!

With some of the most delicious and authentic-tasting flavors, each I GET Goat gadget boosts 5000+ puffs. The IGET Goat stands out from the competition thanks to its luxurious feel and delectable flavours. 5000 puffs and perhaps the most delicious and authentic flavors currently on the market are packed into one rather small device. IGET blackberry raspberry ice costs only $19.99.

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