12 × IDOL 600 PUFFS (4 Boxes Random Flavors)

(6 customer reviews)


1. IDOL disposable equipment has more than 600 puffs, with the most fruity and authentic taste.

2. Three (3) individually packaged IDOL 600 puffs in one box.

3. One flavor per box. You will get 4 boxes of 4 different flavors at random.

4. A total of 12 pieces of IDOL 600 powder puff can be obtained.

5.All the price from our website are based on US dollar, and you will be charged US dollar!


6 reviews for 12 × IDOL 600 PUFFS (4 Boxes Random Flavors)

  1. Alex

    Love this Deal! for random flavours.

    IDOL is my best choice lol

  2. Janine Risi

    Completely different flavour to the grape, grapefruit, mango, apple in other sizes but still tasty

  3. Lachlan Mitchell

    I really like the taste, I have just ordered another

  4. Kaz Pawlak

    Good flavour and quick delivery

  5. Bradley Wright

    Nice product helping in the process of quitting smoke

  6. Dana Flehan

    Comes so quickly and the products are just amazing

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12 × IDOL 600 PUFFS (4 Boxes Random Flavors)