HQD Titan – Blueberry Mint

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Behold the HQD Titan 7000, a revolutionary vaping device meticulously engineered to enrich the vaping ritual. This innovative gadget showcases a superior adjustable airflow system, meticulously calibrated to provide a personalized vaping journey tailored to the individual’s inhalation preferences.

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Product description

Discover the allure of the HQD Titan 7000 – Blueberry Mint, where advanced technology meets refreshing flavor for an unmatched vaping experience. Ideal for both newcomers and veterans, the Titan 7000 is your dependable partner, embodying a new era where elegance, performance, and ultimate satisfaction merge effortlessly.

The Titan 7000 represents a breakthrough in vaping devices, crafted with precision to elevate your vaping ritual. It boasts an exceptional airflow system, fine-tuned for a custom vape that’s as unique as you are. It’s the smart choice for those who love their flavors rich and maintenance low.HQD Titan  – Blueberry Mint ,Whether you’re a newcomer to the scene or a veteran with a discerning palate, the HQD Titan 7000 is designed to be your loyal and lasting companion. It encapsulates the future of vaping: a future where style, substance, and supreme satisfaction converge in a singular, streamlined vaping journey.

Simple yet sophisticated, the Titan 7000 transforms your vape into a statement of style. It simplifies upkeep without compromising on quality, ensuring that your journey with flavors like Blueberry Mint is always fresh, always delightful. For the vaper who values a seamless experience, the Titan 7000 is the pinnacle of convenience and quality combined.

HQD Titan  – Blueberry Mint Features:

  • Size 49*29*95 mm
  • E-liquid Capacity 18.0 ml
  • Battery Capacity 650 mAh
  • Puffs 7000 puffs
  • Power Range 7W – 12W
  • Input Voltage 3.7V
  • Resistance 1.2Ω

Included in the pack:
1 x HQD    Blueberry Mint


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HQD Titan – Blueberry Mint

HQD Titan – Blueberry Mint

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