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Discover the IGET Bar, our flagship disposable vape model, meticulously engineered to meet the discerning tastes and preferences of advanced vapers. Built with premium-grade materials and superior technology, the IGET Bar is an embodiment of our commitment to quality and innovation in the vaping industry. The heart of the IGET Bar is its formidable 12mL E-liquid chamber. This generous volume sets a new standard for disposable vapes, providing an astonishing 3500 puffs, which significantly outlasts its counterparts in the market. This remarkable capacity ensures a long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience that you can enjoy throughout your day.

The IGET Bar is not only about capacity but also about delivering efficient performance. Equipped with a robust 1500mAh battery, the IGET Bar guarantees a ready-to-vape experience right out of the box. There’s no need to charge or refill the device, allowing you to indulge in your favorite pastime without delay. It’s an epitome of convenience, designed to make your vaping experience as hassle-free as possible. Aesthetically, the IGET Bar is a masterpiece. It’s thoughtfully designed to be not just functional, but also a joy to hold and use. Its sleek and compact form factor fits comfortably into any pocket or handbag, making it an ideal companion for vapers on the go.

The Bar’s comfortable mouthpiece adds a tactile pleasure to your vaping sessions, ensuring a seamless interaction between you and the device. Where the IGET Bar really distinguishes itself is in its exceptional build quality. It’s a device that’s highly prized by advanced vapers for its sturdiness and longevity. This isn’t just another disposable vape – it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting vapes that deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

In conclusion, the IGET Bar is more than a disposable vape – it’s a high-quality, high-performance vaping device that truly stands out in the market. It caters to vapers who value convenience and quality, and it does so with style and efficiency. Experience the IGET Bar and enjoy a new standard in disposable vaping.


  • 1 x IGET Bar Disposable Vape sealed in airtight wrapping and box
  • 3500 ~ Puffs
  • 12mL E-Liquid
  • 1500mAh ready to use from the box no need to recharge
  • Easy to grip design perfect form for any sized hand
  • Simple draw fire activation
  • Large variety of flavours

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