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The Smooth Tobacco IGET King provides a smooth and mild tobacco flavour that soothes your palate.


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The IGET KING DISPOSABLE VAPE e-cigarette is a portable vaping solution that offers a wide variety of textures and flavours, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality vaping experience anywhere, anytime. This e-cigarette is specifically designed for smokers who value both quality and convenience in their vaping products. The taste of the IGET KING is filled with the rich and invigorating flavours of fresh fruit, making it a stark contrast to the irritation that often accompanies traditional tobacco smoking. After inhaling the vapor, users will experience a refreshing sensation in their mouth, reminiscent of a cool breeze on a hot day. Unlike conventional cigarettes, the IGET KING e-cigarette provides a straightforward smoking experience free from the harmful chemicals found in tobacco products.

The IGET KING e-cigarette is a testament to the advancements in vaping technology, providing smokers with a healthier and more enjoyable alternative to traditional tobacco products. Its sleek and compact design allows users to easily carry it with them, ensuring they can indulge in their favorite flavors whenever they desire. Moreover, the IGET KING’s broad selection of textures and flavours caters to the diverse tastes of vapers, ensuring that everyone can find a flavour that suits their palate. The fruit flavours are particularly impressive, offering a tantalizing mix of sweetness and tartness that delights the taste buds.

The absence of harmful chemicals in the IGET KING e-cigarette makes it an ideal choice for health-conscious smokers seeking a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience. The e-cigarette’s design is user-friendly, and its operation is intuitive, making it a perfect choice for both seasoned vapers and those new to the world of vaping. In summary, the IGET KING DISPOSABLE VAPE e-cigarette is a top-tier vaping solution that combines convenience, quality, and a broad selection of flavours and textures, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience for all users.


– 1 x IGET GOAT disposable equipment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               – Adjustable airflow: strong, medium and smooth.                                                
– Pre-charged and activated by simply sucking on the device
– IGET GOAT(PRO) disposable product can be smoked more than 5,000 times.  Product can be smoked more than 3500 times .                                                                           


  • – 1 x IGET King disposable device
  • – NET WEIGHT: 55g
  • – Pre-charged, Simply puff on the device to activate
  • – Up to 2600+ Puffs per disposable
  • – Compact, Light, and Portable


  1. David Jackson

    I’ve found the iget king e cigarette to be the perfect companion. Its portability allows me to enjoy my vaping session anywhere, and the variety of fresh fruit flavours is simply delightful. It’s easy to use, and I love that I can adjust the airflow. The convenience and quality it provides have definitely elevated my vaping experience!

  2. Linda White

    the iget king e cigarette fits seamlessly into my lifestyle. Its compact and lightweight design is perfect for on the go use. The pre charged feature means I can start vaping right away, and the longevity of over 2600 puffs is impressive. The fruit flavours are so refreshing, making it a great way to unwind after a long day.

  3. Christopher Thompson

    I find the iget goat e cigarette to be a fantastic conversation starter at parties. Its sleek design and array of flavours are always a hit. The fact that it’s pre charged and can be smoked more than 3500 times is a huge plus, ensuring my guests can enjoy the vaping experience throughout the event.

  4. Joseph Harris

    I’ve been blown away by the iget goat e cigarette. The adjustable airflow feature allows me to tailor my vaping experience to my liking. I also appreciate that it can be smoked more than 5000 times, which is impressive. The refreshing sensation after each puff is something I look forward to each time!

  5. Patricia Martin

    As someone transitioning from traditional smoking, the iget king e cigarette has been a game changer for me. The fruit flavours are full bodied without being harsh on the respiratory tract. Its simple activation process and high puff capacity make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high quality, convenient vaping option.

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