WAKA SoPro PA10000 & Minty Apple Tea

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Savor the refreshing fusion of Minty Apple Tea vape, rechargeable for convenience and providing up to 10,000 puffs. Immerse yourself in the invigorating combination of crisp apple and cooling mint, reminiscent of a revitalizing cup of tea. This flavour delivers a satisfying and enduring vaping experience that will leave you feeling refreshed with each puff.

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Product: WAKA SoPro PA10000
Flavours: Minty Apple Tea


18.0 mL per vape
Approximately 10000 puffs per device
850mAH internal rechargeable battery
Dual mesh coil (activated with boost mode)
Extra large clouds & stronger vape
USB Type-C charge port


Dive into a remarkable vaping experience with the WAKA SoPro PA10000 Disposable Vape, known for its power and quality among a plethora of vaping devices on the market. This vaping device sets itself apart with its ample 18mL capacity, ready to be filled with the fresh and revitalizing Minty Apple Tea flavor. This fusion of crisp apple and refreshing mint, coupled with a soothing tea undertone, promises an invigorating and enjoyable vaping experience each time.

Designed for longevity, the WAKA SoPro PA10000 is powered by a substantial 850mAh internal rechargeable battery. This robust power source enables the device to deliver an impressive 10,000 puffs per device, providing an extended and uninterrupted vaping experience that is head and shoulders above the standard offerings in the industry.

The secret behind the WAKA SoPro PA10000’s standout performance is the implementation of dual mesh coil technology. This advanced feature ensures consistency in vapor production and enhances the richness of the flavour delivery. Moreover, it provides flexibility to the users to seamlessly switch between normal mode for an everyday satisfying vape, and boost mode for an amplified and intensified vaping experience, all while producing extra large clouds and a stronger vape.

Enhancing its convenience, the device is fitted with a USB Type-C charge port. This feature ensures quick and easy recharging, making sure your device is always ready to deliver the vaping experience you desire.

In a nutshell, the WAKA SoPro PA10000 Disposable Vape is a paragon of vaping technology. With its powerful performance, large capacity, advanced technology, and a refreshing Minty Apple Tea flavour, this vaping device promises to redefine your vaping experience and exceed your expectations with every puff.


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WAKA SoPro PA10000

WAKA SoPro PA10000 & Minty Apple Tea

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